IMR’s map catalogue for MAREANO

The map catalogue gives an overwiew of the institute’s Mareano map layers, possibilty to download data available meta data.

The map catalogue:

Show map layers Geoserver: Shows the map layers in the Geoserver map preview  window. Click the features in the map to se the attributes.

Downloading data Geoserver: Open the Layer preview catalogue. Insert the map layer’s Geoserver name in the search box, choose the wanted map layer to download in the “Select one”-box, go to the bottom and choose “shape-file”.

Please note: Firefox is only recommended for downloading.

Metadata Geonetworks:  For some map layers, there are metadata on the Institute of Marine Research’s Geonetworks metadataport. In Geonetworks, the name of the map layer must be written in the search box “What?”, then click on” Search”. 

The services/maps kan be used  freely under the following terms:

  • If the customer/user wants to include the map services/data in their own solutions, the organized map services shall be used directly.
  • Registration form should also be filled in.
  • When using our map services/data, the source must always be specified.
  • If the map services/data are to  be used commercially, the Institute of Marine Research must be contacted in advance.

Connecting to Geoserved: URL for connecting to WMS and WFS servers:

Kartgruppe Kartlag Geoserver-navn Vis kartlag Geoserver Datanedlasting Geoserver Metadata Geonetworks
Sea currents Arctic water arctic_water Link Link Link
  Costal water costal_water Link Link Link
  Atlantic water atlantic_water Link Link Link
  Polar front polar_front Link Link Link
Vulnerable habitats Hardbunns-korallskog Hardbunnskorallskog Link Link  
  Svampspikel-bunn Blotbunn_svampsamfunn Link Link  
  Sjofjaerbunn Sjofjaerbunn Link Link  
  Hardbunns-svampsamfunn Hardbunns-svampsamfunn Link Link  
  Blotbunnskorallskog Blotbunnskorallskog Link Link  
  Dypvannsjofjaer Dypvannsjofjaer Link Link  
  Glassvampbestander Glassvampbestander Link Link  
Biodiversity from video Artsmangfold fra video AntallArterFraVideo Link Link  
Top-ten species Topp 10 arter topp_10_arter Link Link  
Coral reefs Korallrev coralreefs Link Link Link
    coralmpa Link Link  
    Identified_coral_area Link Link  
Gorgonian corals Isidella lofotensis Coral_Isidella lofotensis Link Link  
  Paragorgia arborea Coral_Paragorgia_arborea Link Link  
  Paramuricea placomus Coral_Paramuricea_placomus Link Link  
  Primnoa resedaeformis Coral_Primnoa_resedaeformis Link Link  
  Radicipes Coral_Radicipes Link Link  
Grab Grab biomasse grab_biomass Link Link Link
  Grab individer grab_individuals Link Link Link
  Grab arter grab_species Link Link Link
Beam trawl Bomtrål biomasse beamtrawl_biomass Link Link Link
  Bomtrål individer beamtrawl_individuals Link Link Link
  Bomtrål Arter beamtrawl_species Link Link Link
Sledge Slede biomasse sledge_biomass Link Link Link
  Slede individer sledge_individuals Link Link Link
  Slede arter sledge_species Link Link Link
Fish communities Fiskesamfunn fiskesamfunn Link Link  
Chemistry stations Kjemistasjoner pr år aar Link Link Link
Antracen levels Antracen nivå antracen Link Link Link
BDE-209 levels BDE-209-nivåer BDE209 Link Link Link
BenzApyren levels BenzApyren-nivåer benzapyren Link Link Link
Fenantren levels Fenantren-nivåer fenantren Link Link Link
Naftalen levels Naftalen nivåer naftalen Link Link Link
NPD levels NPD-nivåer npd Link Link Link
PAH levels PAH-nivåer pah Link Link Link
PBDEsum levels PBDEsum-nivåer PBDEsum Link Link Link
PAH 16 PAH 16 pah16 Link Link Link
Perylen levels Perylen-nivåer perylen Link Link Link
Pyren levels Pyren-nivåer pyren Link Link Link
THC levels THC-nivåer thc Link Link Link
Trawl tracks Trålspor fra video TraalsporPr100m Link Link Link



Please contact the Norwegian Marine Data Centre at the Institute of marine Research if you have any questions about the map catalogue.