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Coral reef

The Sea in Maps and Pictures

MAREANO maps depth and topography, sediment composition, contaminants, biotopes and habitats in Norwegian waters.


Tokt22 Daniel SBP norsk nett

Passing the Mjølnir meteorite crater on the way to Svalbard


Expedition diary: While travelling towards Kvitøya and the northeastern part of Svalbard, we noticed a strangely shaped area on the map, and decided to cross it and acquire some new seabed data with a better resolution.

launching AUV

Mobilising Munin+ for MAREANO


Expedition diary: And now for something completely different. Standard MAREANO sampling cruises collect biology, geology and chemistry data using video and physical sampling. This cruise is dedicated to exploring new methods, specifically, what MAREANO could gain from the use of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs).

Map with marked areas in the North Sea where MAREANO plans to conduct bathymetric mapping in 2022.

Bathymetric Mapping in the North Sea in 2022


In May, the Clinton Marine Survey AB began the bathymetric mapping in parts of the North Sea for the MAREANO programme. Until the beginning of August they will survey 2730 km2.