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Chemical data: NGU and IMR


Multicorer with sediment samples.

MAREANO has collected sediment samples since 2006 as part of mapping the composition of the seabed and its environmental status within the Norwegian marine territory (MAREANO Chemistry Program). These samples are analysed systematically for a range of parameters, incl. physical properties and inorganic and organic components, through the collaboration between the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) and the Institute for Marine Research (IMR). Results from these analyses are compiled in annual reports (in Norwegian) from NGU (physical properties and inorganic components) and from IMR (organic compounds).

The Chemistry Program has also analysed similar sediment samples collected by IMR in 2003-2004, prior to the official start of the MAREANO-mapping in 2005.


Stepan Boitsov
(organic compounds)
+47 922 44 996

Henning Jensen
(physical properties and inorganic components)
+47 73 90 43 05