Map catalogue for MAREANO

Here you will find information on datasets collected through the MAREANO mapping project, organized and made available.

The catalog provides overview and information on data, together with associated map services and technical information on how to use the mapping service in your own map applications. The catalog gives detailed information the specifications  applying to the datasets and how biological, geological, and depth data, are best suited for different purposes. Some of the datasets are available for downloading.

Se also the terms for use of data and services.

The data from Mareano are managed by the three partners in the project: The Institute of Marine Research, The Norwegian Mapping Authority, and Geological Survey of Norway, and the map catalog is therefore divided:

Data Sources

Biological data:
Institute of Marine Research
Order data

Data on depth:
The Norwegian Mapping Authority
Order data

Data on geology:
Geological Survey of Norway
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Communication adviser:
Beate Hoddevik
908 21 630