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Bathymetric Data and Terrain Models of the Seabed

The Norwegian Hydrographic Service's map catalogue is part of Geonorge gives an overview of public geodata in Norway, map catalogues, and access to download data and APIs.

The Norwegian Hydrographic Service's marine geospatial data:

  • Marine primary data
  • Hydrographic survey data
  • Bathymetric data
  • Digital terrain models. Regular grids: 5x5 meters, 25x25 meters and 50x50 meters
  • Depth contoure lines
  • Charts, raster format, georeferenced

Data inside the territorial limit of 12 NM are subject to military restrictions. 

Map services and data sets from the Norwegian Mapping Authority at
Themes Map services (WMS, WFS, WCS)     Data sets
Marine digital terrain models

Sea shadow relief WMS

Dybdedata terrengmodeller DTM WCS

Terrain models of the seabed DTM 5m

Terrain models of the seabed DTM 25m

Terrain models of the seabed 50m grid

Depth data 50m grid

Surveyed areas Coverage hydrographic survey WMS Hydrographic survey data

Coastal depth areas, points, depth contours, rocks and underwater rocks

Dybdedata WMS

Depth data

Depth data Søre Sunnmøre

GEBCO shade relief

GEBCO WMS GEBCO data and products

Depth contours, sea areas

Depth curves WMS Depth curves

Electronic navigational charts

Electronic nautical charts WMS -

Charts, raster format

Nautical chart raster WMS Nautical chart raster

Norway's maritime borders

Norway's maritime boundaries WMS Norway's maritime boundaries

Map of Europe

European map WMS

European map WMS cache

Europe, illustration map

Map of Norway

Toporaster 3

Topographic Norgeskart

Topographic Norgeskart greyscale

Norway, Illustration map

Terrestrial terrain model

Mountain shadow WMS

Height DTM 50

Height DTM 10


Read more about the Norwegian Mapping Authority's WMS and cache services at (in Norwegian).

Read more about bathymetric data and digital terrain models of the seabed at

Order data

If you have questions or want to order high-resolution bathymetric data etc., contact the Norwegian Hydrographic Service at or tel. +47 32 11 80 00.


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Hanne Hodnesdal

Norwegian Mapping Authority, Hydrographic Service
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Norwegian Mapping Authority, Hydrographic Service
Tel.: +47 32 11 80 00