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Scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals:

Malik, M., Schimel, A.C., Masetti, G., Roche, M., Le Deunf, J., Dolan, M.F.J., Beaudoin, J., Augustin, J.M., Hamilton, T. & Parnum, I.: Results from the First Phase of the Seafloor Backscatter Processing Software Inter-Comparison Project. Geosciences, 9(12), 516.

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Nixon, F., Chand, S., Thorsnes, T. and Bjarnadóttir, L.R.: A modified gas hydrate-geomorphological model for a new discovery of enigmatic craters and seabed mounds in the Central Barents Sea, Norway. Geo-Marine Letters, 39, 3, 191-203.

Thorsnes, T., Chand, S., Brunstad, H., Lepland, A. and Lågstad, P.: Strategy for Detection and High-Resolution Characterization of Authigenic Carbonate Cold Seep Habitats using Ships and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles on Glacially Influenced terrain.  Frontiers in Marine Science 6:708.

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Misiuk B, Diesing M, Aitken A, Brown CJ, Edinger EN, Bell T (2019) A Spatially Explicit Comparison of Quantitative and Categorical Modelling Approaches for Mapping Seabed Sediments Using Random Forest. Geosciences 9 254

Reports in MAREANO institutions’ report series:

Jensen, H. K. B. & Bellec, V.: Miljøgeokjemiske data og dateringsresultater fra indre Kongsfjorden og indre Rijpfjorden, samt områdene SK01 og SK02 vest for Svalbard – MAREANO. NGU-rapport 2019.027, 143 s.

Holte, B. & Bøe, R.: Toktrapport. MAREANO-tokt 2019 – 106 – Bjørnøya vest. FF “G.O. Sars” 06.06-19.04 2019. Toktrapport/Havforskningsinstituttet/ISSN 15036294/Nr. 6–2019.

Nilsen, B.M., Boitsov, S., Holte, B., Jensen, H.K.B., Thorsnes, T. 2019. Kildesporing av miljøgifter i kveite fra Ytre Sklinnadjupet - Analyser av miljøgifter i sediment og rødpølser, oppsummering av eksisterende kunnskap og anbefalinger videre. Rapport fra havforskningen 23-2019. Bergen: Havforskningsinstituttet 2019, 54 s.

Boitsov, S., Klungsøyr, J., Nesje, G. 2019. Undersøkelser av hydrokarboner og organiske miljøgifter i sedimenter fra MAREANO-området i 2018. Rapport fra havforskningen 50-2019. Bergen: Havforskningsinstituttet, 49 s.

Longva, O., Thorsnes, T., Hodnesdal, H., Bjarnadóttir, L.R.: MarFisk – aktiv bruk av MAREANO-kart i fiskeflåten. NGU-rapport 2019.002

Reports in other report series:

Dove, D., Bjarnadóttir, L., Guinan, J., Le Bas, T., Nanson, R., Roche, M., Lecours, V., Stephens, D., Walbridge, S., Khadjinova, R., Di Stefano, M., Dolan, M., Harris, P., Lamarche, G. & Ryabchuk, D.: Seafloor Geomorphology (GeoHab Workshop); Key Resources and Future Challenges, GeoHab‐2019 Conference, St. Petersburg. (

Faglig forum for Norske Havområder 2019 Særlig verdifulle og sårbare områder: Faggrunnlag for revisjon og oppdatering av forvaltningsplanene for norske havområder. Rapport M-1303/2019

Johansen, Per-Otto & Wim Vader, 2019. Paradulichia spinifera Gurjanova, 1946 (Amphipoda, Dulichiidae), a valid species? Fauna norwegica 2019, 29:111-118.

Vulnerable marine ecosystems (VMEs) Coral and sponge VMEs in Arctic and sub-Arctic waters - Distribution and threats
Lene Buhl-Mortensen, Julian Mariano Burgos, Petur Steingrund, Pål Buhl-Mortensen, Steinunn H Ólafsdóttir  and Stefán Á Ragnarsson

Silberberger MJ, Renaud PE, Buhl-Mortensen L, Ellingsen IH, Reiss H. 2019. Spatial patterns in sub-Arctic benthos: multiscale analysis reveals structural differences between epi- and infauna. Ecological Monographs, 89 (1) 25 pp, doi:10.1002/ecm.1325 


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Bjarnadóttir, L.R. & Diesing, M.: Examples of semi-automated mapping of geomorphic features on the seafloor in Norwegian waters. Geomorphology workshop, GeoHab2019, St. Petersburg, Russland, 13th-17th Mai, 2019.

Diesing, M., Bjarnadóttir, L.R. & Thorsnes, T.: How much organic carbon is stored in surface sediments of the North Sea and Skagerrak? AMBIO IX: Biogeochemistry Across Boundaries. A celebration of Professor Tim Jickells, 24-27 June 2019, Norwich, United Kingdom.

Diesing, M., Bjarnadóttir, L.R. & Thorsnes, T.: Predicting organic carbon stocks and burial in surface sediments of the North Sea and Skagerrak. Blue Carbon. Sources, Rates and Fates of Carbon in the Marine Environment, 28 June 2019, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

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Thorsnes, T.: Slå på lyset! Marine grunnkart i kystsonen. Aquanor 22.8.2019, Trondheim

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Thorsnes, T., Bjarnadóttir, L.R. & the MAREANO team: Deep MAREANO and application in SMS Strategy development. MarMine-møte 24.1.2019, Oslo.

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Ross, Gonzalez-Mirelis, Buhl-Mortensen, Bakke 2019. In search of the 'special places': a method for defining and prioritising intra-VME hotspot distribution to better inform management decisions. ICES ASC, Gøteborg, 09/19

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Bellec, V.K., Bøe, R. & Bjarnadottir, L.R. : Sandwaves and megaripples on Spitsbergenbanken, Barents Sea. MARID VI Marine and River Dune Dynamics 2019, 1-3 April 2019, Bremen, Germany. Books of abstracts, eds. Lefebvre, A., Garlan, T., Winter, C., p. 7-10.

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Mona Maria Fuhrmann, Børge Holte, Anne Helene Solberg Tandberg, Ann Merete Hjelset 2019 The snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) in the Barents Sea: growth potential and constraints based on benthic secondary production. ICES shellfish symposium, Tromsø, 11/19