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New Tender for Bathymetric Mapping in 2023

The MAREANO programme plans to conduct bathymetric mapping in Norskerenna in the North Sea. An invitation to tender for bathymetric mapping in 2023 is published. 

In 2023, the MAREANO programme will place emphasis on the North Sea. There is a need for marine knowledge linked to the new marine industries – such as offshore wind and offshore aquaculture –  and the particularly valuable and vulnerable areas (SVO) proposed in the North Sea.

Tender for Bathymetric Mapping

The open invitation to tender for the procurement of bathymetry data acquisition and processing and light seismic for the MAREANO programme is published on Doffin and TED:

The contract has a value of 17,5 million NOK. February 7 2023 is the deadline for submitting tenders.

The result of the tender process will determine how much of the tender area, Norskerenna, that actually will be surveyed in 2023.

Map showing the lower part of Norway draped with a terrain model. Boxes in different colours marks areas in the North Sea where MAREANO plans, and already has, conducted bathymetric mapping.
NORTH SEA: The yellow boxes in the map mark areas in the North Sea where MAREANO plans to conduct bathymetric mapping in 2023.

Environmental and Climate Related Requirements

The Norwegian Mapping Authority, Hydrographic Service has included climate and environmental requirements in the procurement processes. 

– The market for zero and low emission vessels is immature in the survey industry. Therefore, the list is set low for the minimum requirements this year. This makes it possible for many suppliers to participate in the tender competition. At the same time, climate and environmentally friendly measures will receive a positive result in the evaluation of offers, Nicolien Haasbroek at the Norwegian Mapping Authority, explains. 

– The requirements are linked to the most important environmental and climate factors, and tries to make it easy for us and those who submit offers, says Haasbroek. 

Climate and environmental requirements for the MAREANO procurement in 2023: 

  1. Qualification criteria: Environmental management system (e.g. ISO 14001). This can be documented by a certification or other documentation. 
  2. Requirements specification: 
    • A) Shall: Describe use of energy connected to the contract excluding fieldwork. As a minimum describe the routines for crew change in the project, and the process of transporting vessels, equipment etc. to the site of mobilization and from site of demobilization. 
    • B) Shall: Estimate consumption of energy connected to the contract during fieldwork. Including type of fuel (or electric) and amount of fuel (or kWh) that is necessary to execute the work. 
    • C) Shall: Weekly report shall include used energy connected to the contract during fieldwork.   
  3. Evaluation criteria (weight 20 percent): Documentation related to requirement 2 a and 2 b (above) will be used in the evaluation. Less use of energy and use of green energy will give a higher score.

The requirements may develop in the years to come, as the industry develops, and the Norwegian Mapping Authority gains experience with the use of environmental and climate requirements. 


Photo of Nicolien Haasbroek

Nicolien Haasbroek

Norwegian Mapping Authority, Hydrographic Service
Bathymetry, procurements
Project Engineer
+47 51 85 87 13 / +47 418 56 917
Photo of Sissel Kanstad

Sissel Kanstad

Norwegian Mapping Authority, Hydrographic Service
Communications advisor
+47 51 85 88 28 / +47 995 13 848